Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is a way of satisfying our basic needs today and enjoying a satisfactory quality of life without compromising the quality of life for future generations. This requires balancing our economic, social and environmental objectives – the three dimensions of Sustainable Development.


Bermuda’s greatest resource is its people. For sustainability to thrive, we must have sound, stable communities built around safe, secure and productive families.


Bermuda has limited natural resources and a finite land mass. We must find innovative ways to provide the necessary infrastructure to meet increasing and sometimes conflicting demands while also preserving our natural environments.


Bermuda’s economic security has always been vulnerable to external influences. Future policies should continue to maintain the economy while ensuring that all Bermudians are prepared for and have the opportunity to share in our prosperity.

Imagine a Bermuda where we work together to sustain our communities while respecting our environmental limits, protecting our natural heritage and doing so within a strong and inclusive economy.


Traffic Congestion

Although traffic on the island has decreased slightly in recent years, Bermuda's traffic is very dense. To compound matters vehicles are getting bigger. In turn, a bigger car needs more gas to propel it, generating greater carbon monoxide emissions and increased air pollution. The trend of bigger and faster vehicles on the island cannot continue. Bermuda only has 123 miles

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